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Best Waterfall Near Mumbai – Kondeshwar Waterfall At Badlapur

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Perfect time to visit the waterfall near Mumbai….What do you say???  Whether it can be any in any place.

Kondeshwar is a small but best picnic spot near Mumbai in badlapur. Visiting downside of Mumbai was a great experience. Last week 15th August my visit was in the kondeshwar temple in badlapur.

Talking about badlapur city, it is a place of greenery. Small small houses with beautiful lawns, it seems very beautiful.

Badlapur is a growing city in Thane district, Maharashtra state, India. It is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Due to population growth in nearby cities, people working in Mumbai have been moving to Badlapur for a number of socioeconomic reasons, including close proximity to Mumbai via rail.

Let’s move towards our trip towards Kondeshwar temple with beautiful views and trekking. You can see the best farmhouse at badlapur well spend time with family, friends, soul mates etc.


Kondeshwar Temple

Kondeshwar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is an ancient elephant temple located in the middle of a dense forest. This temple represents an ancient Hemadpanthi style of architecture and is constructed using black stones.

As the temple is located on a rocky terrain, it is advisable not to visit the shrine during the monsoon season. Shri Khateshwar Maharaj Samadhi, a pond, and a waterfall are located in the vicinity of this temple. It is one of the best temples in this city.You will find the best views in badlapur.

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  • Opening hours of Kondeshwar Temple: Open all days 6.00 am to 8.30 pm
  • Entry fee for Visiting Kondeshwar Temple: free
  • Approximate visit duration for: 1 hour
  • Address: Kamshet, Maharashtra, India
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India Mike

This is a small temple in the middle of the Kondeshwar lake. Its seems so beautiful. During very heavy rain the temple is fully submerged and the area is closed.


Kondeshwar Lake

There is a lake named Kondeshwar lake which is formed by Bhoj dam. The kondeshwar temple is attached to the kondeshwar lake. The waterfall from the high mountain is the most beautiful view to enjoy. Its a best picnic near thane. The water here 

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More places to visit in monsoon like  Malshej Ghat. It is an awesome place to visit in Monsoon.

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[appear]Exploring the Kondeshwar, you can find many such beautiful scenes upgrading the greenery. The river coming from the height is very clean and transparent. This is not the dam which you get while coming to Kondeshwar. This is a secluded dam just above the Kondeshwar Waterfall.

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The mountain scenery along the river down seems sky embarrassing the green trees flaring around. Kondeshwar is situated near the high hills of Badlapur. Chanderi Fort, Tavli Peaks are all nearby and can be seen. Kondeshwar is situated at its base. Below is the high hill range.

You can find stunning forts in Pune Sinhagad fort.


Views of Kondeshwar

The silent waves of sound waving in the air with leaves buzzing lightly.

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There are small small houses in the village with a tulsi plant outside every house and mountains gazing with fog.

This a small trekking some miles away from Kondeshwar lake. It has a way of passing directly to the beautiful view ahead.

And Kondeshwar Waterfall is the best one-day picnic spot near Mumbai where you can enjoy with your family, friends, colleagues to make the memorable day of your life.

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This is a beautiful view upside mountain. You can find badlapur resort nearby station.

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This the local farm of badlapur. You will different cultivation of crops.

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This is the road lining towards Kondeshwar with right and left side greenery.[appear]

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Many cows and goats keep on grazing as there are endless green fields in Kondeshwar.


Special Stuff To Enjoy In Kondeshwar

Best time to visit Kondeshwar is in the month of July end, August. You will get the best climate at this time. So don’t miss chance of visiting this waterfalls. It is the best waterfall near Mumbai.

I hope you like my blog. So do keep reading and commenting on my blog. And keep reading my further blogs…!!!

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    One of the Best waterfall nearby Mumbai
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    The waterfall to visit near Mumbai is Kondeshwar Waterfall At Badlapur. Best place, Gonna visit definitely
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