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Odisha was known as orrisa. Odisha is full of tourist attraction. It is popular for its heritages given to India for catching touristers to visit India.

Odisha is station of temples such as Sun temple, Jagannath Temple Puri hold religious people to take the visit of odisha. Its lovely weather, water melting foods and  idiosyncratic festival is also the unique identity of it. It is surrounded by the states of  West Bengal to the north-east, Jharkhand to the north, Chhattisgarh to the west and north-west, and Andhra Pradesh to the south.

The beaches in Odisha (Orissa) are most iconic to grab attention of visitors. Odisha is well featured with top visiting places from bargarh, rourkela, puri, Cuttack, chandipur to bhubaneswar.