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Manipur, the gratification of Northeast India, is growing as a tourist destination. But people stays very few days here, before they make their way forward to other regions. Truth is, to take a feel of essence of a place you must spend a lot of time, visiting with locals and losing yourself amidst undisturbed nature. There are so many places to visit in Manipur which are bestowed with nature’s bounty, friendly denizen and there are a throng of options when it comes to things to do in manipur. It is bordered by Nagaland to the north, Assam to the west, and Mizoram to the southwest and by Myanmar (Burma) to the south and east.

So, we came with best of them to represent before you! Let’s go ahead with the beautiful places of manipur.

Manipur huntfinish
  • Trip Duration: 2-3 Days
  • Best time To Visit : January To December
  • State : Manipur
  • District : Manipur
  • Base Station : Manipur
  • Language Spoken : Meitei, Manipuri
  • Festival : Chamthong or Kangshoi ,Eromba,Morok Metpa,Singju,Paaknam,Chahao Kheer,Alu Kangmet,Nga-Thongba,
  • Manipur Weather: Summer: Maximum - 26°C & Minimum - 17°C Winter: Maximum - 20°C & Minimum - 8°C

Way To Reach Manipur:

  • Reach By Air: Nearest Airport – Imphal Airport
  • Reach By Train: Nearest Train Station – Imphal railway station
  • Reach By Road: Nearest Bus Station – Imphal Guwahati Bus Stand