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5 Best Places To Travel In Mumbai

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MUMBAI…Travelling by mind is not more good than exploring yourself around. 

Everyday we do many things, but as per to my perception travelling can be the best thing we can ever do. There are many best tourist places in mumbai.

Being adventures can a great things can do. Whether we are alone or lonely marine drive be a place, we can spend …isn’t is?

What do you say? Marine drive is a place where it comes to see the whole mumbai. The night scene ceiling of worli bridge is so pleasing that even a person can sit watching it.


Mumbai city which is placed on 7 islands. The city of Dreams, Struggle, Unity, Happiness, sadness in short city of Expression. We find the diverse religion of people here. There are many best things to do in Mumbai. There are many best places around mumbai to explore.

So lets have look on some of the best places to visit in Mumbai

Isn’t it amazing….!!

People who want to achieve their dreams come to the Mumbai. By the way, Mumbai is the Financial capital of India and capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the very Beautiful city. You can proudly say that Aamchi Mumbai (Our Mumbai). Lets look out top mumbai darshan places.


Gateway of India

The gateway of India is a major attention in Mumbai. It was built in 1911 by British Govt. When the British Raj ended in 1947, the last of the British ships left from here.This is the best place for mumbai tourism.

Gateway Of India

So many people visit this place during the weekend and night time. This place offers a very beautiful sunset and moonrise view simultaneously, which reminds us of the beauty of nature. You can enjoy the lovely view of the Arabian sea in the background of the famous Taj Hotel at the forefront. there are some ferries ply from the gateway of India. this place has a good seating arrangement for people that they can enjoy this lovely view.

You can also enjoy food stalls, shop from hawkers and also the famous Marine Drive is at walking distance.


Marine Drive

As per my experience. Marine drive the famous spot for Mumbaikars. If a person is alone also he can spend a wonderful time here with the waving around of the breeze.

Wow, how wonderful is this!!!

Marine Drive is 3.6km long with the six-lane concrete road in south  Mumbai which is in C shape road. The official name of this road is ‘Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Road’. Marine Drive is also Known as ‘Queen’s Necklace’, it’s because of the street lights make the road like an illusion of a necklace.

marine drive huntfinish

The Sparkling of water of the Arabian Sea and the wonderful feeling of calm breezy air caressing your hair will literally give you an amazing feeling. During Monsoon the waves bring the freshness of the sea spray on your face it’s really an amazing feeling of being one with nature. The major attraction is the beautiful Sunset. You can enjoy every change in hues. Beside at Chowpatty, there are some food stalls which offering mouthwatering snacks and drinks. Marine Drive is the best pathway for morning or evening stride. For Mumbaikars this the best place for hangout. You will get all type of people over here like youngsters, elders, children and also foreigners.

There are some events held along with its walkway over the years such as Mumbai Marathon, IAF Airshow, French Festivals and many more.


Elephanta Caves

Elephanta is an island off the Mumbai (Bombay) coast. So the first point is to get to Mumbai. This is one of the most connected cities in India. A large number of daily flights are operated to Mumbai (BOM) from the rest of the main cities in India. So are the international connections to Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a collection of cave temples predominantly dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Its located at Elephanta Island just 2 kilometers west of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port and 13 km from the Gateway to reach Elephanta. The spectacular sculptural and architectural feast who created is still mysterious.

elephanta cave huntfinish
Wikimedia CommonsThese caves are oldest (almost created in between 6th and 7th century) rock cut structures in the country and perfect example of archaic Indian art associated to the cult of Lord Shiva. Also, there are other statues like Ravana lifting Kailash mountain, Shiva-Parvati on Kailash. Ardhnarishvara which is a manifestation of Shiva and Parvati in the same body. The island is originally known as Gharapuri.

It is a top historical place in mumbai. The main attraction of this island is the three-headed Shiva sculpture called Maheshmurti. The entire cave temple covers an area of about 60000 square feet and it consists of the main chamber and two lateral ones, country yards, and several subsidiary shrines. Above the temple, there is natural rock.

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