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Awesome Trip To Malshej Ghat

Being to malshej was a great experience. Last week trip at malshej was a day like fun.

The view around malshej seems like greenery blooming around surrounding.

You can spend one day picnic near mumbai at malshej. Have you ever been to Malshej ghat. According to my guessing Malshej is not so far to find far..!!

There were fabulous resorts along with stay. Eyepikering views that rain water dam for upside the mountains making it muchi endrosng view.

I kept blooming around the wind and the breezling sound of the air.

sahil jain


Things to do at Malshej Ghat

  • Malshej Falls

Rain, mist, fog together with cascading rain fall from the high mountains just been wowfull feeling. Visiting this waterfall can be a successfull one day picnic near mumbai. Malshej Ghat is an incredibly scenic mountain region in the Western Ghats, best known for its misty mountains and myriad waterfalls during the monsoon months of July to September. Malshej is also a base for treks to the Harishchandragad massif though the season for this is the drier and cool months post monsoon.

From Saralgaon, the road traverses dense forest as it ascends the ghat. Suddenly the gushing streams and waterfalls begin, one after the other in a never ending sequence guaranteed to delight the soul. In a good monsoon, there is one particularly large waterfall which comes over the highway like a tunnel!

Malshej Ghat is a must visit monsoon destination for our family and I would highly recommend at least one visit each season but remember to AVOID on weekends and public holidays for the aforementioned reasons!

Trip to Malshej can be small hill station near Mumbai..isn’t it wonderful!!!



pimplegaon huntfinish

Pimplegaon is awesome to found around various dams. I found its it the most wonderful.The adjacent forest near dam nestles the rarest of the bird species like purple-moorhen, pitta, alpine swift, whistling thrush, green pigeon, quail and pied crested cuckoo and also the migrating flamingo birds.

Thanks to the rains, Malshej Ghat is adorned with a number of waterfalls which are a sight to behold.


  • Birds

Along with the dams, malshej contains many species of birds and plants. From flamingos and cuckoos to quails and crakes, you will spot all kinds of avian population here.

flamingo huntfinish
Ramoji Film City

There are many more places nearby to pune for trips  which you can explore.

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